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Dirt Beneath the Shamrocks


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Welcome to another Tuesday Tale. This week's prompt word is "fire" so I thought I'd treat all of you to a tidbit from the new Riley McCabe novel still in the Work in Progress stage. Hope you enjoy. To read other authors and their stories in the Tuesday Tales Blog Hop, be sure to return here.










by E. A. Irwin




The aroma of caramel bloomed in my head. Creamy. Sweet. The rich flavor flowed across my tongue, waves of decadence filled my mouth with distinctive pleasure as I savored the thrill-induced taste.



The caramel warmed, releasing ribbons of tantalizing temptation to begin their slide down my throat each time I swallowed. I craved more. Sucked harder. Needed the decadence to move faster than the stingy trickles coating my throat with sporadic stickiness. The caramel grew hot, burning the delicate lining of my esophagus as it seared toward my stomach with liquid fire. The sounds of screaming replaced the fragrant scent of silken seduction in my head. I grabbed my throat as the molten ribbons turned cold, forcing them to coagulate into hardened bands building a dam in my throat instead of the delicate streamers of satisfaction whetting my appetite.



The dam became more. Solid. Unmoving. Impenetrable. My hands clawed my neck unable to dislodge the confectionary lump. Gasping for non-existent air, I clawed my flesh, trying to puncture a hole through which I could breathe. My eyelids flew open, a wall of fathomless black pressed tightly against my sight. Blind and suffocating, my hands searched the solidity of space surrounding me, my ears registering the onslaught of squishing in accelerating fluid decibels as the noise rushed through them like a locomotive careening toward the cliff’s edge as its brakes refused stopping.



Heat engulfed my body as if a blanket of live coals wrapped me in a fiery embrace. Sweat exploded from my core, lying atop the smoldering flesh, adding to the unrelenting heat of an oil-spill fire spreading through a tropical swamp. The screaming continued in my mind as the inability to breathe through the caramel wall increased. Frantically, I fought the air as if I could rend the universe with my fingernails.



“Madeline …”



A sliver of a whisper glanced off my brain.



“Madeline …”



An arctic-blown shiver ran down the length of my spine, chilling me to the bone despite the feeling of flames licking along my skin in relentless pursuit of the unknown dwelling within me. A guttural groan escape between clenched teeth as the black, the caramel, and the scorching fire coalesced into a horror-filled moment I was doomed to never escape.





©E. A. Irwin









S is for sanity or was that Saturday? Gosh I'm tired.

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Still working like a demon at my "real" job. At least the workload is down to only 50 hours a week instead of a whopping 60 hours. Not enough time to have a life at this point, but then again I don't have a life so what's the big deal, right? *laughing at the absurdity of life and my place in it*

Insanity fills my days, insomnia my nights. Tough going from work to sleep to work with not much in between except a bit of tea and chocolate to make me happy. The cycle is beginning to take its toll, this year even harder than last due to stuff in my personal life creating its own cyclic hell. I digress.

Lots of thoughts about the Shamrock and Riley series. Both are battling for first place and at this point the game's afoot for who will survive the mental battle. I love both series and am having difficulty choosing what to do first. I know, I know, I said I was writing Shamrocks now. My brain is divided, why can't each portion take over and write two separate books siumtaneously? Brain is revolting at that thought. Silly brain.

Is patience really a virtue? Riley and Quinn think not, especially since I've been on the fence about their fates. But I just want to do this the right way and rock the world with them because I want to be sure I have their best interests at heart, along with what's left of my heart.

A lot of characters are talking simultaneously in my head about what they want and how they want to play on the stage. Braedon's standing in a corner eyeing me and waiting for a misstep. Quinn's swinging a sword as only she knows how to do. Riley's pacing, her footsteps like a metronome in place of my heart. Peter's dancing and wow, do I love to see him dance, but that fantasy isn't getting the writing done.

So I suppose I'm going to read more on both series this weekend now that I have a break in my schedule and allow my characters to renew my faith in their stories. Or apologize to them for my neglect. Either way something will happen for the Shamrock and Riley series. Or a breakdown will occur.

Have tried loading more music to the site without luck. Too much effort today so I'm off to sleep for a bit while I can.

Ta for now. Love you all.



A Little Update

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I've been away for a long time due to illness, surgery and working 50 to 60 hours a week for the past five months while trying to cope with recouperating. Often it's a losing battle and unfortunately something has to live in the backseat or in the trunk of my car in this case. But I am working on the Shamrock Series while slowly doing research on the new Riley novel. Anyone want to volunteer as a researcher for a poor tired Irish lass?

I'm in the process of writing a page about how the Shamrock and Riley series came about and how the characters and stories will eventually intertwine like fantastic Irish knotwork.

I love all my characters - Quinn, Peter and Gerard ... Riley, Braedon and Andrew (who is going to get a much larger role in the new book.) I have great plans for Zander in the Riley series (can't wait to get that story written) as well as introducing some new characters. Those who have read the beginning of the Shamrock series fell in love with Peter, and I can't really blame them because everyone needs and wants a Peter in their life. Just remember, Peter always comes back to me - he knows who loves him most.

Riley has been the most patient because she knows I want that story to rock for her. So she's willing to wait until I can get my head back in the game with her and throw caution to the wind and let her finally do what she does best. Quinn has become restless waiting for me to come back to my first love of the Shamrocks, so she's getting the work done from me now.

That's it for the moment. Sleep calls. Tomorrow is another ten hour day with no hope of artistic goals. Such is the life of a poor writer.

I'll udate you later regarding my health in another post.

Love you all.

A Bittersweet Moment

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Manic Readers' Review

Myth to Life: The Rise of Riley McCabe - At Death's Door

by P. A. Matthews

4 Star

Braedon Carlisle is a handsome and, some might say, beautiful man or is he? Braedon is definitely not what he appears to be on the outside and the secret of whom and what he is and his unique and unusual way of life will change anyone who comes in contact with him. Braedon is not human and must find shelter during the day in order to survive. He is a vampire and his flock or children are his to protect and care for. Riley McCabe is the one person who he loves and will always protect. But, her secret life is just as unusual and if known to others would cause them to fear her and more. Spending time together and realizing that they need to be apart in order to sort out their feelings, Riley leaves his estate in England and returns home to Scotland. Before she has a chance to really decide what she wants to do, he reenters her life and she is enveloped back into a world filled with the supernatural and more. Riley has psychic powers that Braedon calls upon her to use in order to find out how someone close to him was killed. Sloan, as close to him as Riley, has disappeared or might be dead. He brings Riley back to where he was kidnapped in order to find out what happened and possibly, why. Riley agrees to use her powers and experiences the events of Sloan's death firsthand not realizing exactly what this would do to her and what the realities would be.

The reader becomes totally immersed in the events as if you are really there and experiencing the pain, agony and more that Riley experiences when she sees Sloan?s killer and experiences his death as if it is happening to her. Along with Braedon, his man friend Quinlan and one of his children or flock Desmond are there to protect both Braedon and Riley or are they? With Quinlan?s help and the promise of Braedon's protection the events that unfold will send the reader into a world that is terrifying, dangerous, and unsettling. Riley's secret as to whom and what she really is and what part she really plays in the death of Sloan are revealed at the very end of this book on the very last page. The author leaves the reader unsure as to what will really happen to any of the characters. Motive for murder is often revenge. Riley sees an old adversary in one of her visions and realizes that it is something from her past that has caused these events in what seems like her present and will definitely play a part in her future. I really enjoyed reading Myth to Life: The Rise of Riley McCabe and hope that the author will write a sequel. I want to know what will happen to Braedon and Riley and if they have a future in either one of their worlds. I want to know if her adversary will confront her and what will be the final outcome. I would highly recommend this book to a friend.

This review is wonderful and bittersweet. After requesting the review in January of 2009, my hopes of receiving a review seemed improbable since sites don't guarantee they will review your work. I decided I would take the request off my Outlook task list and close the book on this forever.

Prior to all this happening, I had also decided to terminate my contract with Mystic Moon Press for many reasons, but wanted to wait for "Blood Betrayal" to come out because there were people who wanted to read it. But I had finally decided if I was never going to be published again, I was satisfied with my decision to leave Mystic Moon Press.

Most of you know I became seriously ill in January, so dealing with termination of my contract as well as all the other inconveniences life throws at us got shoved to the back burner until I could physically deal with everything. Then the series took off at Fictionwise eBooks and I related all the great things happening there.

I decided it was time to terminate with Mystic Moon, then I received the wonderful review from Manic Readers the day after I closed the Outlook task. How is that for coincidence and a confidence booster? While in the process of writing my letter to Mystic Moon Press all hell broke loose and everything became a moot point.

Mystic Moon Press had scammed its authors, not paid them, took the money and denied culpability. The entire staff resigned. All the authors terminated their contracts. The owner remained silent throughout all of the turmoil and still remains silent.

Happily, though saddened for everyone involved except the owner and her cohorts, I can report the authors did accomplish something it would have taken attorneys months to fix. Just from last week Mystic Moon Press is out of business (until the owner changes names and starts scamming again) and the site has been taken down. Fictionwise no longer has the publisher listed and all the author?s books have been removed. Mobipocket is following suit. Hopefully, Amazon.com will bring up the rear in doing right by the authors but at least the "buy at" links have been disabled. There are so many affiliated sites and subsidiaries of these carriers that it may be some time before all works issued from Mystic Moon Press never exist.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my writing career and especially with my series "Myth to Life: The Rise of Riley McCabe." I have always said I cannot do any of this without you, nor did I wish to. Through you Riley has been able to have her voice heard and has proven what she has to say is interesting. But do not fear Riley McCabe is not dead. I am currently writing the first fill length novel in Riley's series (something I had planned all along) and can't wait to share more of her life with those interested reading, which I hope is everyone! Sorry, a little self-promotion there.

After the dust settles on this, and I am assured all my rights are back in my hot little hands, I look forward to picking up the manuscript once again and settling old scores with Riley's ancient and new foes. Who knows what evil lurks out there for Riley to encounter? I do!

Thanks again for all your support. Riley and I have had a rough several months, but thither onward, mon amis, we?re out of the gate and not turning back.

I'm carrying my sword high and running full force toward a new day.


P. A. Matthews