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2012 Daily Flash is now HOT OFF THE PRESSES and available from Pill Hill Press. Leap Year Edition - 366 pieces of flash to begin your day. I have three stories in this anthology - Fog, Senseless, and Undead. Yay! The anthology is also available at Amazon.com Double Yay!




Friday Flashes - Hot off the presses!



Are you reading my Friday Flash Fiction on my blog? You aren't? Why not? Take a stroll or rush on over to Dirt Beneath the Shamrocks and start reading. And, after you have read, why not hop over to the Vamplit Blog and read some other fantastic tales presented to you each Friday without fail. You know you want to. 


How many times can I say a giant Woo Hoo to this news! I am so honored to be among great writers at Vamplit Publishing. Please check out each of them in the Friday Flash Fiction section, then read their other works.

  • This week's Twitter #fridayflash from Ea Irwin is my pick of the week.
  • Upon opening her e-mail, E. A. Irwin found a link to this magazine. While perusing its pages she discovered one of her stories adorning pages 66 and 67 along with a nice piece of shiny cutlery adding a bit of bling to the pages. Total shock, then a smile, "a brilliant touch" she said, "My Dearest Reginald deserved that fun."


    House of Horror joins the Magazine publishing crowd! My poem "Recompense" appears in the premier issue!


    My poem, "Incendiary" has been published at Blood Reads and released in the Spring 2011 issue available now.





    Hot Off the Presses!

    Fifteen of my poems appear in this collection!



    5 authors tormented by dark visions have penned 15 poems each to chill the spine of Poe.

    75 dark and disturbing visions for your pleasure have at last been combined into one volume.

    This collection will NOT make you feel cozy and warm.

    It will NOT make you think of love and happiness.

    No. It's designed for something much, much darker. This collection will play games with your mind and rape your soul. It will send you to the madhouse, screaming. Your warnings are for naught. Their eyes are blind, and their ears they do bleed.

    But you are not of the weak, are you?. You are strong of mind, spirit and body. You shant scream.

    Do you think you're immune? Think again.


    Available for purchase: Print Book $11.99, eBook $2.99











    Women of the Round Table centers on a group of friends who meet regularly around a kitchen table.
    Nothing is as it appears, and none of these women are ordinary. Each of these characters shares a
    common ground which gradually becomes invested with greater meaning ... bound together by
    generations of birth, death, and the miraculous ... a crystal has been handed down to a pair of sisters.

    It has power in it: each holder can make one wish.


    Available at Amazon.com



    The Vicious Horror Trilogy Book 3, Vicious Spirits: a ghostly compendium
    by members of the Key Publications Network

    Edited by Damian Gray

    Now Available at:







    My poem "The Chain" is now appearing in the October issue of SNM Horror Magazine - Dark Poetry section. Yay! Been waiting awhile to share where the poem was going to be published. What a way to kick off October. Hope the rest of the month rocks!





    Ready to get swept away in the darkened world of the vampire? Vicious Bites, the new anthology brought to you by the writers of Key Publications Network, is now on sale at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/dp/1453626417


    Short stories and poems relaying varying degrees of horror, from the comic to the blood-curdling, are found between the black covers of this second book in the horror trilogy from Key Publications. And yes, this is the anthology where my two poems "Unrestrained" the Sanguis winner, and "Empty Boxes of Ink" get to play in the dark with all the other wonderful writers.

    Check us out ... you won't be disappointed ... disturbed, but never disappointed.